Monthly Archives: September 2012

Relocation of Holodeck

Beginning October 1st, 2012, Holodeck will take up residency in Oslo gate 2, first floor – an address currently occupied by Noplace. Noplace on the other hand is staying where they are, which means, as logic dictates, that Holodeck will move into Noplace. Not however to become part of Noplace, even if they are inadvertently now spatially engulfed by Noplace. On the surface of things, this seems a simple operation: A business merger is not necessarily followed by a cessation of spatial separateness and, vice versa, a shared location does not necessarily indicate a merger on the level of business (though neither Noplace nor Holodeck have, for the record, ever considered themselves businesses in any proper sense of the word). So the eradication of difference in geographical location here does not entail that same effacement on the level of whatever differentiated us, apart from spatial separateness, in the first place. We will remain, as it were, separate in principle.

So let’s not be tempted to conceive of this housing of one within the other as symbolizing anything beyond the subjugation to fiscal circumstances from which was divined the idea that this could possibly work out to the benefit of both enterprises to begin with. Not to mean of course that we wouldn’t rather have it so that we didn’t have to share this cramped and poorly ventilated dungeon but could instead bask like spoiled cats in front of our laptops in some properly furbished penthouses with high ceilings and windows – that actually opened – overlooking a scenery less imbued with the prospect of rape. One day perhaps… but, as the saying goes, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

This is, if not the ideal solution, then perhaps an interesting one, and if not particularly interesting, then hopefully without a detrimental effect on either of our respective aims, which are, let’s admit it, desperately vague and arbitrary to begin with. Besides, togetherness was always an enticing concept.


Kjersti Solbakken, Lina Norell, Silja Leifsdottir, Petter Buhagen, Karen Nikgol, Kristian Skylstad, Hans Christian Skovholdt and Stian Gabrielsen