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Distant Landscape

That said, unsaid

Christina Leithe Hansen, Kristina Kvalvik and Mathias Kristersson 

Opening: Friday December 7th, 20:00

Open: December 8th – 9th, 2-5 PM

NB! Holodeck is relocated! We are now to be found at Oslogate 2, read more about this here.

The exhibition That said, unsaid” presents film, photography and sound which incorporate narratives related to what is hidden and unexplanatory. The exhibition examines the structure of dreams and their absurdity, the landscape as a projection of fear and the subject’s conceptions and beliefs. Through the works we encounter three individual views, each on a different layer of one story. In the dialog between these three individual works, new traces appears that leads the viewer into unknown territories between the said and unsaid.

In the photographs ”Thigh” and ”Dark III” one can vaguely make out the silhouettes of people in a closed and surreal darkness. The images tell of psychological memories in the physical body. The film ”Distant Landscape” depicts a character´s close and sensual encounter with nature. In the sound installation “Erinran” a story of a dream is told, of which we do not know what is real and what is fiction.

The starting point of the exhibition has been to put together three separate works across different practices. The artists have initiated the project where they have first and foremost focused on how the different pieces can work together, invade each other, influence each other and step on each other’s boundaries.

Christina Leithe Hansen lives in Oslo and graduated with a MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2006. Leithe Hansen works with photography in the intersection between documentary and ficition, where both landscape and portrait are recurrent motifs. In both the thematic and visual expression she explores ambiguous moods inspired by the unconscious.

Kristina Kvalvik (b.1980) is a Norwegian visual artist currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She studied film and fine art in Norway, Sweden and Canada, and completed her MFA at Malmö Art Academy (SE) in 2008. Her work deals with matters relating to surveillance, the inexplicable and the threatening. She examines the limitations of sight and our ability to interpret what we see.

Mathias Kristersson lives and works in Malmö where he graduated with a  MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2006. Kristersson work freely with sculpture, sound, performance, installation, text and video. Human nature is central in Kristerssons art. Mans relation to language, time, himself and others is often dealt with.