Marie Thams : No, and other possibilities

MThams No, and other possibilities 1

No, and other possibilities

Marie Thams

Opening: Friday April 12th, 8 pm

Open: April 13-14th, 2 – 5 pm

”Dear Sir Bartleby
… You say you would prefer not to perform the tasks your employer asks you to carry out. Why? That I am not certain of, but one thing seems clear – precisely that you will not. It is this act of refusal and the questions it brings with it, which makes me write to you, Sir. Out of your negation emerges a question of potentiality to me, which is something I will attempt to unfold in this letter. …”

Excerpt from ‘Letter to Bartleby’ written by the artist.

At Holodeck Marie Thams shows the video installation No, and other possibilities. The work is an artistic investigation dealing with human potentiality in creative fields. By breaking with the expected and focusing on the possibility of Not using our potential and to Stop doing something Thams raises an urgent question in a time and field for endless possibilities and demands for productivity.

Marie Thams (b. 1982) lives in Copenhagen. She holds a MFA in Art Theory and Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Art (2011/12) and a BA in Fine Art and History of Art from Goldsmiths College, London University (2009). Thams has among other places exhibited in London, Trondheim, Barcelona, Copenhagen and San Francisco. Furthermore, she is currently Chair person in the professional organisation UKK, Unge kunstnere og Kunstformidlere (Young Art Workers).



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